About our company

Established in 1992, DEMAC group was founded by a team of engineers lead by Mr. Jose Luis de la Torre.
Our team shares a real passion for innovation that we try to infuse into each and every project we undertake. Our dynamic group has been serving mainly the field of electronics in Spain and USA  have created an extensive patent portfolio.
Since the foundation of our company we have set our focus on the research and development of products health environment, innovations for ECO optimization , water treatments, consumer electronics and microwave devices. In total the group now holds at present more than 100 patents for a vast array of product solutions. 

 QNANOTECH QUANTIC glove system is a CE certified Class I device


Vidrieros 9
Parque Empresarial

Prado del Espino

Boadilla del Monte

28660 Madrid SPAIN

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10:00 AM – 22.00 PM
Monday – Friday

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Phone: +34 916 32 61 30
Email: info@qnanotech.com