Made of hypoallergenic fiber materials, with side zippers for easy insertion and removal of the treated hand, it also incorporates a fabric puller on the back for better adjustment if necessary.



Comfortable to wear offers fully customizable function combination use, it allows treatment at the clinic or at home, in 15-30 minute sessions.The predefined therapy programs can be selected at the push of a button. It is powered by lithium ion rechargeable batteries. When fully charged can last for1-2 weeks weeks of standard use. The recharging process uses magnetic snap-in connectors.


Shows realtime information of the state of the treatment program, the power indication with dry heat temperature indcation in degrees ª Celsius, the level of battery, vibration state, massage function and  and the activation function  performed indicated on each finger   


The display shows indications in realtime about the microsensors acting on the hands controlling all the therapy functions

Complete Treatment System

Remotely Controlled by your Doctor

The QUANTIC NANOTECH system is fully controlled and clinically supervised by the medical specialist and allows the user to communicate with the Physician via mobile phone on web application in the cloud (Amazon Web Services) to ensure that all treatment data is 100% securely protected, only the user has access to their own data, and their doctor can manage and supervise their personalized treatment prescription which can be updated in real time by controlling the glove functions and interactive messages through the internet app. The QUANTIC NANOTECH system has been designed for high scalability and 99.99% availability hosted on AWS Amazon cloud servers. The configuration of the treatment programs can be selected by the patient or remotely by the physician, the status and all functions of the QUANTIC gloves are automatically logged. The glove system is HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) certified in 1996, which protects the privacy, security and integrity of all data.




The glove integrates several programs controlled by a CPU that electronically monitors all sensors to provide heat, dry heat, vibration, massage, passive stretching, pulsation, smoothing function, etc. The function programs are automatically activated by simply pressing a button.

Home use


Proven Therapies treatment at home

QNANO GLOVE incorporates all well known Physical therapies & treatments of proven efficacy in hand osteoarthritis plus some more
extra with the advantage that all can all be automated & applied simultaneously.The glove integrates several programs controlled by a CPU 
that monitors all sensors electronically  to provide Dry heat, vibration, massage, passive stretching, pulsation, straigheting function, etc. The function programs are activated automatically simply at the press of a button

Use of Topical Medication


ONANO GLOVE can be used also in combination with topical medications in disposable bio natural fibre OTC compatible glove units for the administration of topical medications such as anti-inflammatory non-steroidal drugs (NSAIDs), liniments and median neuromodulators (capsaicin) using disposable medical dispensers in the articular areas



Hand osteoarthritis is a very common process. For example in medical papers like the “Framingham osteoarthritis study”, which includes two cohorts of people, from 28 to 92 years old, the frequency of osteoarthritis of the hands was around 50% of the cases, almost 16% of women and more than 8% of men had symptoms of pain or stiffness. According to WHO (World Health Organization) the affected population worldwide estimates are that 9.6% of men and 18.0% of women aged over 60 years suffer symptomatic osteoarthritis.

Source: Dr. Juan Mulero Mendoza RHEUMATOLOGIST TEAM LEADER – Hospital Ruber Internacional- Masó 38 – 28034 Mirasierra – Madrid SPAIN


According to https://www.artrhitis.org only in 2013, direct and indirect health spending due to sick leave for this type of ailments was USD $304 Billion Dollars, equivalent to 1% of the US GDP.

Quantic Nanotech
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