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Multimodal Home treatment Glove System 

Applies dry heat, vibration, massage and passive stretching. 


Easy to Wear

Comfortable to wear offers fully customizable function combination  for each user


Home use

Allows a complete treatment at home, in 20″ minute sessions 


Complete treatment

Integrates clinically proven treatments: Dry heat, vibration,  massage, active and passive stretching, pulsation, topical medication, etc 


Use of medications

Can be used together with topical medications in disposable bio natural fibre OTC compatible units for the administration of topical medications


HIPAA certified

Glove system is certified HIPAA compliant on AWS (Amazon Web Services) to ensure all treatments are 100% data secured,


Wellness Device

Certification EN 60950-1:2006
EMC ETSI EN 301 4891 V192 (2011
ETSI EN 301 48917 V221 (201209)
Radio ETSI EN 300 3281 V191 (201502)

Clinical Trials

Preliminary medical tests performed in several clinical studies in Spain (2021-2022, 2023) with the first series of QUANTIC NANOTECH electronic glove units show among other results an appreciable reduction of joint pain and other factors condensed in the publication of the result of the first multicenter clinical trial that was presented at the congress of the Society of Rheumatology of the Community of Madrid (SORCOM) in December 2022. (“SINGLE ARM PROSPECTIVE MULTICENTER PRE-POST PILOT STUDY ON THE EFFECT OF THE USE OF QUANTIC NANOTECH® GLOVES ON PAIN AND FUNCTION IN PATIENTS WITH SYMPTOMATIC INTERPHALANGEAL HAND OSTEOARTHRITIS: PRELIMINARY RESULTS. “)by Doctors Solano Fernández J.F.*, de Villa Alcázar, L.F.**, Morillas López, L.***, Gómez Gil, R.****, López Robledillo J.C.**** of the * Rheumatology Department. Hospital La Luz. C/ Maestro Ángel Llorca, 8. 28003 Madrid, Spain.
** Department of Rheumatology. Hospital Universitario Puerta de Hierro Majadahonda. C/ Manuel de Falla, 1. 28222 Majadahonda, Madrid, Spain.
Majadahonda, Madrid, Spain.
*** Rheumatology Unit. Hospital de San Francisco de la VOT. C/ San Bernabé 13. 28005 Madrid, Spain.
**** Rheumatology Service. Beata María Ana Hospital. C/ Dr. Esquerdo, 83. 28007 Madrid, Spain.


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