3 effects achieved with the treatment of osteoarthritis using electronic gloves

Jul 27, 2023

3 effects achieved with the treatment of osteoarthritis using electronic gloves

by | Jul 27, 2023 | Reports

Osteoarthritis is a degenerative disease that affects millions of people worldwide, causing pain, stiffness and limited movement in the joints. However, hope has arisen thanks to advances in technology and, in particular, the innovative treatment of osteoarthritis with electronic gloves.

These smart gloves have shown revolutionary effects in the treatment and control of pain associated with osteoarthritis. We have just published the data from the first clinical trial conducted in several centers in the Community of Madrid, which shows a significant rate of improvement in patients with osteoarthritis.

Below we describe the three main effects achieved by this pioneering treatment of osteoarthritis with electronic gloves.

Reduction of pain and inflammation: One of the main challenges of osteoarthritis is the constant pain experienced by patients. Our Quantic Nanotech electronic gloves are designed to effectively address this problem. The control device manages the application, in different areas of the hand, of local heat and EM micropulses stimuli of a specific frequency and intensity. In the multicenter trial conducted, an improvement in pain, functional capacity and some inflammatory symptoms in the affected joints has been observed. This results in significant pain relief and improved functional capacity of the hands.

The gloves incorporate a controlled heating system, which provides therapeutic heat to the joints. The heat dilates blood vessels, improves circulation and relieves pain. The combined use of electromechanical stimuli and therapeutic heat has proven to be highly effective in reducing pain in osteoarthritis patients, significantly improving their quality of life.

Muscle stimulation and increased mobility: Another common challenge for osteoarthritis patients is stiffness and loss of mobility in affected joints. Our Quantic Nanotech electronic gloves, by decreasing pain and improving the functional impact caused by pain, facilitate the performance of movements and can therefore help to strengthen the musculature and improve active mobility.

The gloves are equipped with thermal sensors that allow the regulation of the effective working temperature, which adds to the therapeutic effect of the electromechanical stimuli.

Monitoring and personalization of treatment: A highlight of osteoarthritis treatment with electronic gloves is their ability to monitor and personalize treatment for each patient. The gloves are equipped with devices for recording electromechanical activity and heat application and its duration.
This data is transmitted through a mobile application that accompanies the gloves. The app uses algorithms to analyze the data and generate customized reports for each patient. This allows doctors and therapists to accurately track each patient’s progress and adjust treatment as needed.

The app also provides patients with personalized tips and exercises to strengthen joints and improve their fitness. In addition, it sends reminders for patients to wear the gloves regularly and perform the recommended exercises, which encourages adherence to treatment.

In addition to monitoring and customization, our electronic glove osteoarthritis treatments allow patients to record and track their symptoms, pain levels and daily activities. These records are valuable to both patients and physicians, as they reflect the progression of the disease and help adjust the therapeutic approach more effectively.

At Quantic Nanotech, we are marking an important milestone in osteoarthritis care, bringing hope to the millions of people suffering from this debilitating disease. With our electronic gloves we are transforming patients’ lives, enabling them to lead more active and comfortable lives, and opening up new possibilities in chronic pain management.

As research and technology advance, it is exciting to imagine the future potential of nanotechnology-based treatments for osteoarthritis and other chronic diseases.

If you suffer from osteoarthritis of the hands, or know someone who does, or need more information about Quantic Nanotech gloves, please do not hesitate to register in our website to stay informed of the latest news about our treatment.

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