5 Everyday activities that promote osteoarthritis hand pain

Sep 14, 2023

5 Everyday activities that promote osteoarthritis hand pain

by | Sep 14, 2023 | Reports

Hand pain is a common discomfort that can significantly affect our quality of life. In Spain, the number of patients suffering from osteoarthritis and with it severe pain in the hands has multiplied. Daily activities, often performed inadvertently, can contribute to this pain.

With the use of innovative solutions such as the Quantic Nanotech Electronic Gloves it is possible to prevent and alleviate this type of discomfort.

Here are five examples of everyday activities that can promote hand pain and how the use of electronic gloves can help prevent it from the comfort of home.

  1. Excessive screen tasks: Long hours in front of a computer, tablet or cell phone can strain the hands and wrists due to repetitive finger positioning. To prevent this, it is important to take regular breaks to stretch and move your hands. Quantic Nanotech electronic gloves provide a stimulating micropulse therapeutic massage that relieves tension and improves blood circulation, thus reducing the risk of pain.

2. Strenuous Household Chores: Activities such as cleaning, dishwashing and gardening can place considerable strain on the hands. It is essential to adopt ergonomic postures and use proper tools to minimize stress on the joints. Electronic gloves offer additional support by providing heat therapy and massage, which relaxes muscles and promotes recovery.

  1. Playing Sports or Intense Exercise: Playing sports or high-intensity exercise can subject the hands to repetitive motions and shocking forces. Before the activity, perform specific stretching and warm-up exercises for the hands. Afterward, wearing Quantic Nanotech electronic gloves can provide immediate relief by applying electronic and heat therapy to the affected areas.
  1. Manual tasks: Performing manual tasks such as sewing, knitting or working with tools can cause hand pain. It is important to keep the hands relaxed and take breaks to stretch the fingers and wrists. Electronic gloves can complement these efforts by providing continuous and personalized therapeutic massage.
  1. Heavy cell phone use: Excessive cell phone use can result in text thumb syndrome, causing pain and stiffness in the hands. It is recommended to keep the phone at an appropriate height and position during use. Of course the use of Quantic Nanotech electronic gloves can help by relieving hand pain by applying electronic therapy and temperature control to the affected areas.

Preventing hand pain is essential to maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle. Everyday activities can have an impact on the hands, there is already an alternative treatment using Quantic Nanotech Electronic Gloves, now we have an innovative solution to alleviate and prevent this discomfort.

From relieving muscle tension to improving blood circulation, electronic glove treatment offers a powerful tool to keep your hands in optimal condition, all from the comfort of home.

Don’t let hand pain hold you back – find out how electronic gloves can make a difference in your daily wellness! If you would like more information please register below.

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