Clinical Trials presentation at the SORCOM Rheumatology Society Congress (Madrid)

May 26, 2023

First clinical trials results presented at SORCOM Rheumatology Congress in Madrid

Clinical trials presented at the Rheumatology Society of the Comunidad de Madrid (SORCOM) 
In a multicenter open-label clinical trial in patients with osteoarthritis of the hands, a very significant improvement in pain and functional capacity was observed, as well as a reduction in analgesic consumption. Comparative trials with standard care are also underway at this moment.

Solano JF, de Villa LF, Morillas L, Gómez R, López Robledillo JC. Efficacy of Quantic Nanotech´® gloves on pain and function in hands with interphalangeal osteoarthritis: prospective, multicenter, pre-post, single-arm, observational, multicenter study. SORCOM Congress, Madrid, 2022.

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