Effective treatment for osteoarthritis pain relief

Jul 7, 2023

Effective treatment for osteoarthritis pain relief

by | Jul 7, 2023 | Reports

At Quantic Nanotech we have developed an innovative treatment that alleviates the pain of osteoarthritis in the hands. We have conducted a pilot study and an open clinical trial with rheumatology specialists from several clinical centers in Madrid in which a significant improvement in pain and functional capacity has been observed after treatment. Other clinical trials are underway at various stages of development.

Our technology can revolutionize the approach to pain associated with this degenerative joint disease. 

The glove system we have developed at Quantic Nanotech is at the heart of this innovative treatment. They are made of advanced shape-memory materials and have specific features that provide relief to patients. The gloves incorporate sensors that send signals to the control device.

The control device manages the application, in different areas of the hand, of local heat and electromechanical stimuli of a specific frequency and intensity. In the multicenter trial conducted, an improvement in pain, functional capacity and some inflammatory symptoms in the affected joints has been observed. This results in significant pain relief and improved functional capacity of the hands.

To complement the use of the therapeutic glove, Quantic Nanotech has developed a proprietary cosmetic cream. This cosmetic is formulated with natural substances that have analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, and is applied on the affected joints before using the glove, or simultaneously with the glove. The cream can help relieve pain, and also help maintain hydration and skin health in the hands.

One of the highlights of this treatment is its non-invasive, synthetic drug-free approach. Many people suffering from osteoarthritis of the hand often have to rely on painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs to control pain, which can lead to sometimes significant side effects. The treatment developed by Quantic Nanotech offers a safe, synthetic drug-free alternative, making it an attractive option for those seeking a more natural way to relieve arthritis pain.

In addition to its efficacy in relieving pain, the treatment offers other significant advantages. For one, it is easy to use and can be integrated into the affected person’s daily routine. The glove can be used for specific periods of time, depending on individual needs, and the cosmetic cream is easy to apply as it comes integrated into dispensable fiber gloves. This allows patients to continue with their daily activities without significant interruptions.

The chronic pain and limited mobility associated with this disease can have a significant impact on the ability to perform daily tasks and enjoy recreational activities. Therefore, by reducing pain and improving hand function, this treatment can improve the quality of life for those affected.

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