Dec 15, 2022


Madrid and Birmingham, July 29 2019, QUANTIC NANOTECH, a product division of Spanish DEMAC S.A. group who presented during past CES 2019 Edition in Las Vegas, the first at home wearable glove osteoarthritis system has today announced the new 2019 Technology Innovator Award received from AI Global Media, Burton On Trent, Staffordshire, UK in the latest edition of his technology specialised 2019 CV-MAGAZINE.

“On behalf of my team I´m thrilled to receive this award, is a  real encouragement in our development process” said Jose Luis Torre DEMAC group CEO and author of many international related published patents.

 The product has been awarded internationally at various shows like InPEX Pittsburgh, ITEX Indonesia and “Salon International des Inventions” Geneva and integrates cutting-edge technologies like memory shaped alloys and latest generation materials.

 The classical treatment of the disease is rather cumbersome and resource consuming, relying on physical assisted therapy and topical and oral medications.

 Quantic Nanotech therapeutic All-in-one glove integrates revolutionary technologies such as shape memory alloys and state-of-the-art materials for appliance of dry heat therapy, vibration, massage as well as stretching and extension of the fingers. It also allows the administration of topical medications such as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID), liniments and neuromodulators.

 Clinical studies to confirm the positive results of the pilot trials are currently underway.

 Qnanotech has also recently implemented in the website a backend system in the cloud on AWS (Amazon Web Services) that is HIPAA compliant and certified for anyone interested who to participate in first medical trials

 The therapeutic glove of Quantic Nanotech is simple and compact. It has been designed for use at home, controlled by smartphones or internet. On the other hand, it also allows remote control by health professionals.

 Dr. Luis F. Villa, rheumatologist at the Puerta de Hierro University Hospital in Madrid, said:

 “This device allows simultaneous application in the affected hand of different treatment modalities, during rest or at night’.


Quantic Nanotech
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